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Gin Cucumber Coolers

These refreshing summer cocktails were featured in our last Fete photoshoot collaboration with Laura U Design Collective, Joy Box Flowers, Your Butler's Pantry, Sustainable Harvesters, Swiggard Creative and WREN Home.

Colored Glassware: Your Butler's Pantry

Monogrammed Old Fashion Glasses: WREN home

Monogrammed Maple Boos Board: WREN Home

Monogrammed Old Fashioned Glasses: WREN Home

Gin Cucumber Coolers

Yield: 3 Cocktails


6-8 Ounces Gin

2 Cups Cucumbers, cut into chunks (plus more for garnish)

½ cup Mint Leaves (plus more for garnish)

¼ Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tablespoons Honey

Chilled Club Soda (to top off drink)



Cucumber Ribbons (thinly sliced on mandolin or vegetable peeler)

Fresh Mint Sprigs

Lemon Slices


1. In a blender, add the cucumber chunks, mint leaves, lemon juice and honey. Blend until smooth, there should be no chunks left in mixture.

2. Take a thinly sliced cucumber ribbons and lightly press on the inside of the glass. Fill glasses with crushed ice and add 2-3 ounces of gin in each glass. Disperse cucumber mixture evenly between the three glasses and top off with club soda.

3. Garnish with fresh mint and cucumber wheel.

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