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Boozy Brandy Freeze (HOUSTON PICKUP)

Boozy Brandy Freeze (HOUSTON PICKUP)

The tree isn't the only thing getting LIT this year!


After years in the making and continuous tweaking, I can finally say that I have mastered the brandy freeze! Yes, you heard it here first- I am the self-proclaimed "QUEEN OF THE BRANDY FREEZE"! Not overly sweet, although indulgent, this cocktail packs a punch and is a holiday season staple in my household!


Each Gallon has a bottle of brandy in it, so if youre looking to:

A. Enjoy a delicious FUN & FESTIVE cocktail

B. Be the most popular person at the holiday party

C. Give the gift of a holiday buzz

D. Take the edge off hanging with the in-laws (I don't judge)

then you better get to ordering! 'Tis the season!


1/2 Gallon | Serves ~4

1 Gallon | Serves ~8


Serving Instructions:

  • Store in freezer until ready to use.
  • Take out of freezer at least 1 hour prior to serving. (You may need to run bag under warm/hot water to help thaw or until desired consistency.) The brandy freeze should be consistency of a smoothie or milk shake.
  • Serve with freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon.
  • Shelf Life: 3-4 months


Pick Up Information:                                                                                  



Date & time:

*Friday, December 23rd | 11AM-3PM


Houston Pickup address:

3613 Olympia Dr, Houston, TX 77019

Please text Eloise Reasoner (713) 360-9509 30 minutes before with your estimated pickup time.

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