KB Table Product Spotlight

Updated: Apr 9


As a chef, I love to make my own hummus but it can be really time consuming, so when I want a quality store-bought hummus, Ithaca Hummus is my go-to! Their lemon dill is my favorite flavor. Serve with a variety of chips and vegetables on your favorite serving platter and voila!


I've tried so many clean products out there that just simply don't do what they claim to do. For that reason, I'm so glad I found Branch Basics which is clean AND effective. One of my favorite skillets to cook in is one the most troublesome to clean. I have always found it impossible to scrub out all of residue and small little brown spots that are stuck in the small crevices that make. Now that I have Branch Basics, I spray the all-purpose spray followed by the Oxygen boost and let it soak for about an hour and it was pure magic. Cleaning my pots and pans has never been easier. #branchbasics

Features that I love: human-safe, plant & mineral based, fragrance free, bleach-free, streak-free, doesn’t stain your clothes.


Choosing appliances can be very overwhelming, but Monogram Appliances always has the top-of-the-line products that I know I can trust. My new refrigerator has been so amazing

Features that I love: french doors, LED lighting, quick space shelf, and internal water dispenser.