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Elevate Your Kitchen with Monogram Appliances

Always being in the kitchen, I am very particular about having the best appliances. When I needed a new fridge, I knew Monogram Appliances had a great selection for me to choose from! Sarah Prazak with Monogram helped me through the whole process making the installation process super easy and even organized a haul-away with my old fridge. After much back and forth, this is the fridge model that I ended up choosing and I absolutely love it! Opening this beautiful and organized fridge brings me so much peace when my kitchen can feel chaotic during the creative process! #elevateeverything #monogramappliances

Key Features that I love:

o LED Lighting: makes it easy to spotlight foods in the refrigerator and freezer, and there is even lighting inside the refrigerator drawers and on the side doors which makes it super easy to see inside.

o French Door: The reason I chose the French door model is so that I have a full-width, double-door fridge with plenty of storage space.

o Quick Space Shelf: Functions as either a normal full-size shelf or option to slide down halfway for more storage flexibility with taller items. (I have found this feature very convenient)

o Internal Water Dispenser: with an advanced water filtration system, discreet and tucked away inside the fridge and keeps a clean look filtration system uses RPWF replacement filter which reduces trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice!

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